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    How Charlotte Jade is inspired by Biophilic Design

    From when I could first doodle as a child, my parents said I would always draw animals and flowers. I think it’s fair to say that those drawings wouldn’t quite make the cut for the CJ designs of today, but I like knowing that the natural world is evidently something that has captured my imagination from a very young age.

    As my love for art and drawing grew, so did my love for nature. I am lucky to have been bought up in a rural area, where I would spend my spare time exploring the outdoors. As my design work continued to develop through university, I knew that upon graduating nature inspired design was the path for me.

    It was at this point that I discovered the concept of Biophilic Design. Whilst I already knew that the beauty of nature was unopposed, and I was aware that many people found it inspiring, calming, moving even, I didn’t fully understand the reasons why. In researching Biophilic Design I began to understand how nature inspired design could support the health and wellbeing of those experiencing it, and how beneficial it can be to interior spaces. The pieces began to fall together, and I realised that my love for nature and the intricate patterns and details that inspired my work was a form of Biophilic Design. With that, the ethos behind Charlotte Jade was born, bringing the outside in.

    For those who aren’t familiar with the concept, Biophilic Design is the term used to describe design that incorporates elements of nature to create internal spaces that reflect the natural world. It intends to serve humans innate connection with nature, creating a wealth of health and wellbeing benefits for building occupants experiencing these biophilic spaces.

    Biophilic design can use direct experiences of nature such as maximising the natural light and bringing vegetation into the space, and indirect experiences of nature such as using natural materials, shapes and colours in design, and incorporating images of natural landscapes, flora and fauna. This creates for unique, eye-catching and memorable spaces that are also proven to enhance occupant wellbeing and productivity.

    For me personally I love being surrounded by nature, my studio is full of sunlight, nature inspired patterns, uses natural materials and is home to several plants. Although I must admit I am still mastering my houseplant skills!

    In my work I create realistic drawings of wildlife, paired with patterns and colours inspired by nature to bring a room to life. I find the designs nostalgic, taking a person back to a memory of being outdoors, on a holiday or simply just being in their garden. I take great pride in creating prints and products that are unique and mesmerising and bring about a feeling of joy and wellbeing. For me when it comes to inspiration, there is nothing quite like the natural world that is waiting for us all just outside the door or, with biophilic design, in your very own home.

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