Into the Wild is an exciting collection of patterns inspired by the beauty and majesty of exotic animals. This standout collection brings the best of the natural world into our interiors with an array of hand-drawn, finely detailed patterns and designs, which celebrate the beauty and diversity of our planet. From leopard and giraffe skin prints, intricately drawn elephants and zebras, to exotic animals and lush jungle foliage, this is a collection of eye-catching designs that will turn heads and create dramatic interiors.

All prints from our collection are available in wallpaper, textiles (velvet, twill, cotton and many more), cushions, upholstery fabrics and ceramic tiles, all made here in the UK.

A selection of our fabrics such as Zebras and Leopard print have been used by the extremely talents BBC One’s Money for Nothing upholstery, Simion Hawtin Smith, Reloved Upholstery, to restore beautiful vintage furniture.

Take a look at our collaboration with Reloved Upholstery.


Contact us directly for trade enquires, samples or bespoke orders regarding our Into the Wild collection.

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Let’s bring the outside in!