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Geometrical Collection

Charlotte Jade’s Geometrical Collection focuses on geometric shapes and patterns. We have taken inspiration from the 1920’s Art Deco period, the Op Art movement and Modern Art and Design.

Contemporary and minimalistic, this bold collection focuses mostly on block colours and simple shape repetitions. It has been used to great effect within residential properties and developments. ‘Tiled Square’, for example, is being used by One Housing in a new residential development.

The Geometrical Collection encapsulates a range of print designs including ‘Geometric Prism”, “3D Cube”, “Diamond Tile” and “Tiled Hexagon” would work well across a variety of interiors. Consider using it on feature walls, cushions or curtains creating a futuristic and contemporary atmosphere.

If you are interested in any prints within this collection or have any enquires relating to it, please contact us.

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